2. Remove makeup and sunscreen with an oil cleanser

Oh cleansing oil, oh cleansing oil, where for art thou all my life? If there is one product I could not survive without, it’s the oil cleanser. This gem originated in Japan, and is an oil based cleanser that dispenses as an oil, but turns to an extremely mild soap base once it touches water, so everything washes off once you rinse. Now it is important to note there are a lot of natural brands out there that offer cleansing oils that wipe off, or still leave an oily film; but the kind I’m referring to are from Japanese/Korean brands that rinse off completely. My current faves are TISS deep off oil, Fancl cleansing oil, and The Face Shop rice water cleansing oil. These have a thinner consistency than some others I’ve tried, so it’s easy to work around, but doesn’t compromise on effectiveness.

Woe is the shudder I get when a full face of makeup and sometimes even face paint is slapped on my face day in and day out in the name of fashion. As anyone with problematic skin can understand, you are just counting down the days until those clogged pores turn into ghastly blemishes. That’s why every model I know takes off their makeup as soon as the shoot is over. However, most do with a makeup removing wipe – this is where I disagree. Makeup wipes are not only not very effective at removing waterproof makeup, but they also tug at your skin – especially around the delicate eye area. Every tug and movement of your skin adds up over time to wrinkles and lines, so you want to avoid this at all costs.

This is where the oil cleanser comes in. Not only does it remove every bit of makeup in a pinch – from sunscreens, to waterproof mascara, to even stage makeup – it also glides over your skin like an Olympic ice-skater on ice. Oil is the only thing that will easily dissolve these waxy, water resistant products; and an oil cleanser is the only oil that will leave you without the icky oily residue of using straight oil. It is important to note though that you are supposed to massage around the oil on a dry face with dry hands. I like to massage in circular motions around my face first, then massage the lip and eye makeup last, as you don’t want to spread the more pigmented and waxy makeup like mascara around on your facial skin. You should also use your fingertip to gently massage the base of the lash line to completely dissolve any mascara or eyeliner. Then finally, thoroughly rinse with room temperature water (avoid hot/warm water to avoid opening up your pores while removing makeup,) and voila!


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